Affiliate Services

Affiliate Services

Our network of affiliates is well acknowledged for their efficiency in providing high visibility platforms from where brands can effectively solicit their target audiences. Make use of affiliates who have been selected based on their online reputation and performance so that you get only the best of platforms to advertise your products and services.

Some of the modules which we provide include CPI, CPL, CPS, CPM, CPC, Email Marketing, Social Media, etc.

We also take care to ensure that our network includes diverse sectors so that finding relevant platforms is a piece of cake.

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Performance Marketing

We place your ads at the most relevant sites thereby attracting the attention of audiences with high potential of conversion. Our paid advertising modules also ensure that you pay only when your ads perform and the desired results are achieved. Choose from a variety of events like click, lead generation, sales, visits, etc. and decide the target results upon which you want to base your advertising revenue.

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Brand Building

Brand Building has become an important step in order to achieve growth in today’s cut throat competition. When there are thousands of similar businesses, even in your own town, proper Brand Building is what keeps you ahead of the competition.

We take the online reputation of your existing online identity to new levels and also initiate you into the world of ecommerce if you are a newbie. Our team of experts uses the most updated techniques of online reputation management acknowledged and accepted by all the leading search engines. We keep a close watch on the changes announced by the search engines and analyze the impact it will have on the search rankings and the reputation of you website.

Our Brand Building exercises ensure that your business attains the respect and trust of the consumer required to increase their dealings with you.

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Real Time Tracking and Reporting

Associate with our world class digital advertising modules to keep track of the performance of your campaign in real time. Benefit from our daily reports (also sent on request) or monitor the performance of your campaign live from the desk board of state-of-the-art analytics tools. Plan your future investments based on real time performance.

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Wide Reach

Reach global audiences with international branding campaigns accurately aimed at your target audiences. Increase your reach with campaigns customized according to the geography and demographics. Use our network to cover the widest range of audiences before whom you can promote your brand.

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Robust Platform

One of the most important things to consider while placing an ad on a digital platform is the quality of the platform itself. You need to remember that digital platforms, unlike the traditional platforms, are not inert and have a reputation and impact of their own. An ad running on a platform will naturally be affected by the reputation of the platform.

We provide robust platform where your ad receives high impact limelight. Our experts have also designed control dashboards using which the advertisers and the publishers can easily manage their campaigns.

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